How To Quit Drinking - An All-Inclusive Resource Guide

By: Kelly Fitzgerald and Carly Benson

“There’s not a drug on Earth that can make life meaningful.” ~Sarah Kane

Late nights, harsh hangovers, a throbbing head, a lost purse, and morning regrets. Do these things sound familiar?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you question if your relationship with drinking or alcohol is normal?
  • Do you wake up regretting things you did or said after a night out after fact checking with a friend on how it went down?
  • Or maybe you wake up not remembering a single thing wondering how you got home?
  • Have you been involved in risky business such as drunk driving, unprotected sex or gotten DUI’s while under the influence?
  • Does life feel a bit like groundhog day? You drink to forget, forget what you did while drinking, and then repeat.

That little voice inside you keeps saying, “I’m never drinking again,” or “I promise I will not get that drunk.”

We’ve been there right with you. We know how hard it can be. The guilt, shame, and disappointment we feel inside ourselves for not being able to drink “normally," and all-consuming.

We know what the frustration and fear feel like when you think no one could possibly understand how you’re feeling. Drinking alcohol can get messy, even when we don’t want it to.

The good news is you don’t have to feel this way anymore. All the anger, frustration, guilt, shame, and self-loathing you’ve been feeling does not have to be a part of your life anymore. It can end today.


You can take the first step by reading about How To Quit Drinking from two ladies who have been where you are and are on the other side of things now, living healthy, happy, alcohol-free lifestyles.

Here is what you’ll get with our eBook How To Quit Drinking:

  • Two personal accounts of women who have reached their own alcoholic and drug bottoms, have found recovery and continue on their path of sobriety today.
  • How we got sober and how we stay sober.
  • A catalog of different recovery programs
  • Resources to find your own unique pathway to recovery
  • How to incorporate sobriety as a part of your new and improved lifestyle.

We have created this eBook as a free resource for those of you who are seeking answers and want to break through the chains of alcohol. This book was written to help you know you are not alone, it can be done and how to go about making changes in your life so you can feel free, in control again and ultimately create a life you enjoy living.