Big Life Changes: We're Moving!

Yes you read that correctly, surprise! We're moving!  By now most of my friends and family are in the loop about the move, as well as my job that I gave my two week notice to last Friday. Fernando and I decided that the time has come for us to make the BIG change -move from Mexico to the United States.  Our plan has always been to eventually move to the US as this is where we would like to live and raise our family in the long run.  We weren't sure when exactly we would feel like moving, but we began planning it recently because Fer and his co-workers who were involved in the same program at his work were let go. Another reason we thought now would be a good time is because my sister is getting married in November and I want to be nearby so I can perform all my maid of honor duties, and be there for her during this important time.

Why are we leaving?

A big reason we are moving is better job opportunities.  Fer and I have been pretty fortunate here in Cancun having what are considered good jobs here with decent salaries, by Mexican standards.  However, these salaries do not even compare to salaries in the US.  We have also had countless problems with landlords (our current landlady is great!), problems with electric (you already know how I feel about that!), and our general distaste for lack of customer service and convenience in Cancun has reached the limit.

Where are we going?

We have decided to move to Cape Coral, Florida, just a hop, skip, and a plane ride away from Cancun! We picked Cape Coral because my parents own a house there which we will be living in rent free while we get jobs and get on our feet.  Cape Coral is on the west coast of Florida about 2.5 hours driving from Miami and the closest airport is Fort Myers.  We also picked Florida because it is close to Cancun for when we need to travel to see Fer's friends and family, and also because we didn't want to leave behind the tropical climate.

Florida Fort Myers Beach 

Florida Fort Myers Beach 

Fer at my parent's house in cape coral

Fer at my parent's house in cape coral

How do I feel about it?

My emotions are all over the place as I am extremely excited to start this new chapter in our lives and happy to be going back to my home country, living closer to my family and friends.  I'm also feeling sad to be ending my 5 year Cancun journey, life as an expat in Mexico, and leaving my wonderful Cancun friends and family behind here.  Cancun was a place I moved to escape, for a big change, to venture out into the world, and boy did I learn a lot.  I've met some amazing people here who will be in my life forever.  I have been lucky enough to live and work in paradise, where most people just vacation.

For me, this transition will be about adapting back into life in the USA, serious job hunting, and building a life that will lead to the future that we want.  For Fernando it will be his first time living abroad.  He will have to adjust to speaking English as his first language, living without his precious pastor tacos, and entering the workforce as a Mexican American.  He'll live for the first time in a different city than his family and the best friends he grew up with.

What will happen to my blog?

I'm still going to be the Sober Señorita, but I will be writing about adjusting to life in Florida and living paradise life there instead of Cancun.  Mexico will always hold a special place in my heart and I'm sure it will continue to come up in my writing topics in the future.  I hope you will all want to hear about my sober adventures stateside, as well as traveling.

When are we going?

We'll be leaving on June 4, right before my 29th birthday (ugh I'm getting old).  That is exactly 13 days from now. I have 13 days left to enjoy Cancun, to reflect on all that Mexico has taught me, and to depart from some of the people that mean the world to me.

I know one thing is true: Mexico will always be my second home.

If you have any advice on relocating to Florida, or things that we must see or do while living there, please let me know in the comments!