The Motivation Behind How To Quit Drinking – the eBook

Since I began my blog in 2014 and my very first post about sobriety went viral, I am always asked this one question: how did you do it? At first, I couldn’t even answer this question. I truly didn’t know how I did it. But as time went on and more people asked, I knew I had to share my personal experience. Today, I have a recovery program that works for me, but it all goes back to those first days of my sobriety, my moment of clarity and taking that very first step.

When I met Carly of Miracles are Brewing, we knew we were going to put our brains together and create stuff. We both had similar paths before and after sobriety. We connected right away. She is just one of those people that my soul felt like I’ve known for a long time. We both have been asked these same questions about how we quit drinking. Putting together an eBook just made sense. When we were writing How To Quit Drinking we had a few goals in mind:

  • to explain why and how we got sober.
  • to explain how we stay sober today.
  • to provide resources for all of you on how to find sobriety in your own lives.
  • to explain how sobriety becomes a lifestyle, not just something you do.

We realize that every single path to sobriety is unique. What worked for us might not work for you and vice versa. That’s why we wanted to include the many recovery pathways that we know have worked for countless others and not just our own. We also wanted to put a heavy emphasis on sobriety becoming a lifestyle. We both believe this is truly integral to having successful, long-term recovery. Sobriety must become part of your identity. It cannot live in the shadows where fear, shame, guilt, and pain thrive, where your drinking once ruled your life. In order to evolve, sobriety must be accepted and embodied wholeheartedly.

We hope by sharing our stories, advice, and information, other people who are suffering in silence can come to terms with their substance use and find the courage to take steps towards change. We understand that this can be the hardest and most important thing you ever do. It was for us. We hope you’ll feel a sense of pride in your sobriety after reading this book and we hope you know you’re never alone in your endeavor.

We hope this will be the first of many projects we create together and we’re excited to share this special eBook with you! If you want to read something that is not in this book, please send me an email and let me know what you’d like to read about in the next eBook or content project we create.