Why Cancun is So Much More Than Just Spring Break

Spring has sprung and we've already started the month of April.  Here in Cancun, the crazy Spring Break season is coming to a close, which means I can come out of my cave again.  Haha.  It's funny that Spring Break is the thing that brought me here originally, yet nowadays I can't stand it!  Spring break is GREAT for businesses in Cancun and in that respect it's nice, but for locals who work a 9-5 and are sober sallies like myself, it can be a huge nuisance.  Additionally, we like when Cancun is known for being a beautiful, culturally robust city with historical attractions, great food, and amazing beaches, not just a party town for college kids to come get drunk in.  I thought this would be the appropriate time to share why I think the destination of Cancun is so much more than just Spring Break.

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