Online Sober Reading

In my post How I Got Sober I talked about how reading about alcoholism and addiction online really helped me get through my first months in sobriety.  I was looking for comfort, answers, and to know I wasn't alone.  I found many great books and websites along the way.

In this post I decided I would outline for you the main websites I like to read for information, community, and encouragement.

1.  Sober Nation

Sober Nation is a website full of addiction and recovery resources.  You can find treatment centers, current addiction stories and articles in the news, and a recovery blog where people like me have written their personal stories.  They also bring up important questions and topics that are discussed in the recovery movement.  I really like the fact that they are committed to removing the stigma from recovery.

If you're looking for some awesome sober gear, Tim the founder of Sober Nation, is also co-founder of New Lyfe Clothing. They offer some pretty cool t-shirts that promote sobriety and they decorate your bag with a nifty inspirational quote when you order one.  I just bought one.

sober clothing new lyfe
sober clothing new lyfe

2.  Veronica Valli: Recovery Rocks

Veronica is a recovered alcohol and drug addict, an addiction therapist, and an author.  I have learned so much from her in a short amount of time and I am lucky to also call her a friend.  Her website is full of informative and interesting blogs, recovery rocks interviews with other people in recovery, and promotion of her amazing book: Why You Drink and How to Stop .

Out of all the addiction books I have read hers was the one I could relate to the most.  She breaks down the concept of alcoholism, the path that takes you there, and what drives it.  She outlines how you can change your personal story at any time - only you have the power to create your own future.

One quote I really love from her book is, "It isn't alcohol that kills alcoholics.  It's the lies they tell themselves in order to keep doing what they are doing.  If they didn't lie to themselves, the pain of the reality would be unbearable.  Why is it we would rather drink to the point of destruction than tell someone else how we really feel?"

I definitely recommend reading her book and checking out her website.  She might help you make sense of what you're feeling.

3.  Addictive Daughter

This website and concept was founded by two 20-something BFF gals from the UK.  Their goal is to get you "addicted to the good stuff." They tell you how to get your addictive personality to focus on healthy things.  These girls are not only encouraging and intelligent, but they release funny and inspiring videos on how to deal with life.  They refer to them as "life nuggets."

You can subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

4.  The Fix

The Fix has A LOT of great info and is more news, reporting, articles, and opinion pieces on recovery and addiction.  I enjoy this website because it always has the most recent news and it is raw and honest.  You can find many different view points on this page.  They also review rehabs and have sections dedicated just to sober culture and sober living.  They have been featured on The New York Times, The Huffington Post, MTV, The Daily Mail, and many other news sites.

5.  She Recovers 

I can't remember how I came across this site, but what I love most about it is their Facebook page which is always sharing inspiring quotes.  Additionally, this website offers Yoga recovery retreats and they sound amazing.  Some of them are held on the beach in Mexico right near Cancun where I used to live.  Although I haven't been able to afford one yet, I'm hoping one day I'll get to go to one of these retreats because they sound great.  They also have a section on their website called Reading Room where you can find many different types of books about recovery.

6.  After Party Chat 

This website I just recently started reading, but I love it.  Its slogan says it all:  "Where to go when the party's over." I love that concept.  It's a great website for addiction news, advice, and resources for addicts and their loved ones.  I enjoy their "lists" section where they sometimes poke fun at recovery.

This short list is just the beginning of many resources and reading I have found online since I started my sober journey.  I hope that you guys enjoy these and can get some use out of them.  I will be making another list in the future of just books you can read as well.

Do you have other sobriety websites you enjoy that aren't listed here? Tell me in the comments.