7 Things I Miss About Living in Cancun

It's been over a month since we made the big move to the USA.  Things have been great here and we are slowly but surely getting adjusted.  Even though I am extremely happy to be living back stateside there are things I miss about my beloved Mexico.  To soothe my nostalgic feelings here are 7 things I miss about living in Cancun.  

1.  Tacos al pastor

OMG why? I never even ate pastor until probably the last year I lived in Cancun because I was a vegetarian when first moving there.  I started out by trying a torta de pastor and then graduated to the classic tacos and now I am stuck dreaming about the perfect red meat garnished with onion, cilantro, and pineapple. Ok my mouth is watering now.

cancun mexican tacos al pastor
cancun mexican tacos al pastor

2. The beach

It's true we have a beach close by here in Cape Coral , but it's just not the same as the ones in Cancun.  I miss the cool white sand and turquoise oceans.  I miss the men on the beach that sell fresh fruit for 20 pesos.

3.  The close proximity of everything

In Cancun everything was very close to where I lived.  Traveling to work, CrossFit, nice dinners, soccer games, and the beach was easy and affordable via buses and taxis.  I definitely love having my car here in Cape Coral, it's easier to grocery shop, but it does take extra time to get everywhere since everything is so spread out.

4.  Our cleaning lady

We miss our dear cleaning lady Sandy who helped us move three different times and was not only a cleaner, but an organizer and cat lover.  I miss her great work and her affordable salary.  In Cape Coral we have done a pretty good job of keeping up with the cleaning and it is MUCH easier with a dish washer, vacuum cleaner, and washer/dryer.

5.  Hotel Day Passes

Another quality I loved about Cancun was the cheap hotel passes available to locals.   You can easily get a full day (9-5) at a nice hotel including usage of their pool, with all drinks and food included, for $30-$40 USD per person, a great deal to take advantage of once in awhile.  There are hotels with beach clubs on Fort Myers, but I don't think they sell day passes.

6.  Historical sites to visit

I believe there are historical sites I have yet to visit here in Southwest Florida, but I'll always miss the Mayan archaeological sites in Cancun and the neighboring cities.  There is just so much history and untold stories and culture in that area of Mexico.  I know when we go back to visit I will have to hit the Mayan sites I haven't been to yet.

Coba archaeological site tulum
Coba archaeological site tulum

7.  Cheap veterinary costs

I had to take Ramona to the vet here in Florida already because she was having stomach issues.  Just the check-up without any blood work and 7 cans of healthy digestion food cost me $100 USD! I about fell over.  It was really nice just paying 200 pesos ($20USD)  per visit on average in Cancun.

There are many other food items I miss like mole, cochinita, and agua de horchata, but if I listed all the food items we would be here all day.  I also miss my friends and family that I left behind.  On the other hand, there are a lot of things I DON'T miss about living in Mexico and I am very grateful to be living in a nice area in a house with luxuries that aren't available in many houses in Cancun.  There are a lot drinking memories that I was happy to leave behind in Cancun too.

Mexico will always hold a special place in my heart. I can't wait until we can go back and visit and enjoy even more aspects of this beautiful city that we weren't able to while living there. :)