My Favorite Addiction Recovery Podcasts


Happy 2016 everyone! Blogs are fun to read, but there's also another great way to get information, "read" a book, or in this case, get recovery inspiration, and that's by listening to a podcast. It's my duty on this blog to share my own experience, as well as what works for me. When I'm doing a long day of writing, or traveling in the car, or even laying out by the pool, many times you can catch me listening to recovery podcasts. I've put together a list of my favorites so you can enjoy them too.

Since Right Now

Chris, Jeff, and Matt make up the Since Right Now recovery podcast and it's the one I listen to most. Every Wednesday I'm checking Sound Cloud like a crazy person to see if a new one comes out and if it hasn't yet, I'm disappointed. I love this trio not only because they are down to Earth, easy to talk to, and cool, but because they each bring their own unique view to the pod. They always have the who's who among recovery community authors, bloggers, and activists on their pod. They believe that many who have struggled with substance use disorder are innately creative and this fact is proven by listening to all of their talented guests. I've learned about and explored new blogs, artwork, and websites thanks to these guys and their awesome pod. They are truly the foundation of a recovery revolution and are doing bigger and better things every day.

AfterParty Pod

If you love everything After Party like I do, you'll love Anna David's podcast even more. Her candid conversations with big name writers, comedians, and actors who are also in recovery, are interesting, funny, and raw. Expect to laugh, be horrified, and relate all at the same time. It's a great extension of the library of kick-ass content she has on After Party Magazine.

SHAIR Podcast

If you've listened to Omar's voice, you have to agree with me when I say that it's literally made for podcast or radio. Listen to O's awesome radio voice on the SHAIR podcast where he interviews someone new in recovery each week. The name SHAIR is an acronym for Sharing Helps Addicts In Recovery. The podcast is very much 12-step based rhetoric and each guest is asked to share their experience, strength, and hope, followed by advice for newcomers. O likes to keep it positive and I love hearing the countless successful stories of recovery on his pod.

Bad Story Pod

My friend Laura over at the Sobriety Collective has taken the opportunity to start a podcast and I'm so glad she has! Even in its infancy, it's coming along great. I like the way she breaks down her pods into four 5-minute segments: mental health, creative collective, dear diary, and top 5. Laura is not only in recovery from alcohol and drugs, but she also navigates her way through having ADD and OCD. She a smart little firecracker and passionate about what she says and does. Listen to her pod for a plethora of information about these conditions.

The Bubble Hour

I just began listening to the Bubble Hour recently, but it's been around for awhile. The Bubble Hour is made up of four women in recovery:  Ellie S., Amanda F., Catherine M. and Jean M. They are dedicated to breaking the stigma of addiction and the denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism. Their podcast aims to educate those who are unaware about the impact of addiction, to help those who may be struggling to get sober, and help those who are sober stay that way. The Bubble Hour is women in recovery having a chat together about some important topics including dating in recovery, attending 12-step meetings, self-care, and setting boundaries. They occasionally have guests in recovery tell their stories as well.

The Rooms Project

Jill Bauer started an impactful photo and audio story series known as The Rooms Project. Although it's technically not a podcast, I couldn't leave it out off of this list because I love listening to the recovery stories she captures. They're bold, honest, and emotional, and I love the idea behind her series. She photographs and records these stories in the natural habitats of each participant, in a place that has a significant meaning to them and their story. Stories are what connect us and Jill has successfully shown the other side of addiction which society often does not see: recovery. The Rooms Projects shows us regular people who have overcome the disease of addiction and found the light of recovery. Everyone deserves and should want to hear their stories.

HOME Podcast

You may know Laura of I Fly At Night and Holly of Hip Sobriety, also wonderful sober sisters of mine. They've put together their own fireside chat of the internet and I just love it. They've created a community, a safe place for sober women and what better name to call it than "Home"? Their podcast carries the same name and they often catch up as friends on the pod first, before diving into deep topics about self-love, sobriety, and basic skills on how to deal with life. Lately, they've had guests who I've learned so much from: Sarah Hepola, Annie Grace, and Ann Dowsett Johnston, just to name a few. I'm honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with these ladies who are doing fabulous work for the recovery community.

Do you have any favorite recovery podcasts that I missed here? Let me know! Happy listening.