7 Reasons to Be Thankful You're Sober on Thanksgiving

sober Thanksgiving
sober Thanksgiving

This year is my second sober Thanksgiving and my first one living in the United States in quite a few years. Last year I was working on Thanksgiving because obviously it's not a holiday in Mexico. Although we aren't doing the normal huge turkey dinner this year because we are busy prepping for my sister's wedding this weekend, I still get to be with my family and enjoy this special day. Thanksgiving is a day when you are meant to reflect on what you are grateful for and the one thing that tops my list is my sobriety. Some sober people and a lot of normies probably think it's the pits to be sober on Thanksgiving, but it's actually pretty amazing. That's why I am taking the time today to write down reasons to be thankful you're sober on Thanksgiving.

1. No hangover

Thanksgiving eve is the biggest bar night of the year! It used to be just another reason for me to get shitfaced. Being sober now you can stay in, go home early, be the DD, wake up early and help your parents cook, or run a Turkey Trot 5K like I did this morning! You know why it's so great? Because the possibilities are endless! Without a hangover, you can take on the world.

2. Renewed Tastebuds

If you're hungover, or always drinking excessively, it's probable your tastebuds have become slightly deadened. When I was drinking I didn't even care for food half the time, my stomach was upset from drinking, or I just didn't eat. Now I can actually savor the flavors of different kinds of food and we all know this is an important trait on Thanksgiving.

3. Gratefulness

Yes you should be thankful for gratefulness and vice versa. One of the things I've realized is how ungrateful I was when I was drinking. I can truly say I am thankful to be grateful. I am thankful sobriety has given me the opportunity to reevaluate my life and become grateful for each day.

4. Avoid Embarrassment

If you're sober, chances are you won't be doing any of the embarrassing things you did when you were drunk or on drugs. You'll actually remember everything and you can calmly enjoy an awesome holiday with your family and friends without blacking out.

5. Shopping

If Black Friday is your thing, I'm sure it's much easier to do sober. Now that they are opening the stores on the evening of Thanksgiving, it's even more of a reason to stay sober today. You'll be able to get to those sales without throwing 'bows and be the designated driver for any other family members who want to shop, but might have had too much wine at dinner. Warning: there are only 28 shopping days left until Christmas.

6. Realizing your worth

Being grateful on Thanksgiving and especially for your sobriety, brings it all full circle. Remind yourself today why you're sober and how hard you have worked to get where you are. Today's holiday is a great reminder of why you're worth the work it requires to be sober every day of the year.

7. Family

There's nothing better than being with your loved ones during the holidays. If you were a cranky, bitter drunk like I was, then you probably never really appreciated it before now. In the past I couldn't be bothered with family functions, dinners bored me, and I couldn't wait to get out of there and do something fun (aka party.) I have completely converted into a holiday obsessed freak who burns balsam candles in the middle of summer and wants to get her Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. This is what sobriety does to you people. Just kidding! But really, I found myself getting nostalgic and teary eyed watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV this morning because I just feel like I never REALLY appreciated it before. I feel like a little kid experiencing these holidays for the first time, getting giddy over parade balloons and floats, looking around at the table seeing all of my family members laugh and get along. This is bliss.

You see, there really is nothing like experiencing the holidays sober after being numb for so long. So take some time today to remember why you're sober, how great it is, as well as everything in your life that you're thankful for. I hope you're thankful to be sober on Thanksgiving and every day of the year!

Happy Thanksgiving!